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Anouk Emanuel is a Creative Director, Designer and Artist.


As a Creative Director, she specialises in the thinking and design that goes into large scale live experiences and events for the corporate world - see 


Her fine art is the antithesis - there is rarely a corporate message or a need for strategy or cohesiveness - just an artistic flow of the aesthetically pleasing.

"I create all sorts but tend to be drawn to abstract and imagined compositions that allow a viewer to find their own interpretations"

Influenced and inspired by her travels and eclectic taste, she explores different media and ideas without a set of constraining rules. Her choice of media, colours and styles changes with the mood and the work is essentially a celebration of things that make her happy.

" I have always been inclined to the visually aesthetic - it's important to me, literally makes me feel good.  Drawing, painting, making and creating things that please - that catch the eye, that sometimes challenge or amuse, is a real pleasure and very fulfilling."

Anouk's printed work is available to buy as limited edition prints.

She is also happy to discuss commissions for private collectors or commercial enterprises. Please enquire for details.

Anouk Emanuel Limited Edition Print - Coffee Mornings

Coffee Mornings - Medium sized print mounted in a simple frame.

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